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What's involved in installation

To date CAT Sat Wales have installed over 500+ satellite and wireless / 4G systems across North and Mid Wales and this coupled with our extensive IT knowledge has given us a lot of experience in the world of alternative broadband supply solutions.

Prior to installation CAT Sat Wales will carry out a site survey which is free of charge.

For 4G a small booster aerial is mounted on the outside of the property, generally directed towards the nearest mast with the cables returned to a suitable sim router within the property.

For satellite the systems we install will require a clean line of site to around 142 degrees south east. If you have a Sky dish this points in a similar direction. The system consists of a satellite dish that is usually mounted to a wall from which a cable runs to the nearest point of entry into the property. From there the cable is attached to a specific modem which in turn would usually be connected to a wireless router for distribution within the property.

If there is no clear line of site we can and have mounted these on poles in gardens, fields etc.