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Welsh Assembly Grant (WAG) Grant

Do you want free 4/5G & satellite broadband ...???

CAT Sat Wales have been very successful in obtaining grants for over 500+ clients throughout North and Mid Wales. Call now to discuss this in detail on 01745 816611

What do we supply that the the WAG grant will fund...?
1) 4/5G signal aerial booster
2) 4/5G ready Cat6 LTE sim router
3) 3 pod wireless mesh
4) Installation
5) Configuration
6) on-site maintenance

Download / view WAG Grant Form

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There are a number of criteria that need to be met in order to qualify for the Welsh Assembly Grant:-

1) The applicant must use a WAG approved installer. CAT Sat Wales are approved.
2) The application is only open to all homes and businesses based in Wales 
3) The applicant must currently be getting less than 10 mb download speed
4) The applicant must subscribe to an ISP service of no less than 10 mb download speed
5) The grant will only be granted if the equipment is mounted to fixed buildings where council tax is paid. (i.e. no caravans)
6) The applicant must be prepared to subscribe to the ISP for a minimum period of 12 months however you can alter the usage package during this time
7) The equipment supplied at the premises for which the grant is awarded must stay at the premises
8) Only when an offer of funding from the WAG has been made can the applicant instruct CAT Sat Wales to proceed with installation
9) The WAG will not support retrospective applications


1) The WAG Scheme was launched on 04/01/16 and as yet doesn't have an end date
2) It is also known as the ABC or Access Broadband Cymru scheme
3) There are 2 grants available. £400 and £800
4) £400 is offered where the applicant subscribes to less than 30 mb download speeds
5) £800 is offered where the applicant subscribes to more than 30 mb download speeds *
6) The grant can only cover the cost of the necessary hardware and installation, it does not cover the monthly subscription fee

* At present ALL the satellite ISP's have advised that while their equipment will achieve up to 30 mb this cannot be sustained and therefore for the moment will not qualify for the £800 grant scheme which requires a minimum of 30mb to qualify. 

However depending upon location we may be able to offer speeds in excess of 30 mb on a 4/5G or a Wisp connection. Please call 01745 816611 for further details.