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Pricing , T&C's & Complaints Procedure

As of Nov 2019 All 4G service providers (EE, Vodafone, Three and o2) now offer unlimited data with unlimited speed data for around £27 per month.

Unlike ADSL broadband for which you can subscribe to an unlimited tariff both Satellite and Wireless broadband solutions are subject to data usage limits.

With these systems you select which speed you want and how much usage you may require and select the monthly service tariff that suits you. 

You can view and download the current pricing tariffs here.

Download / View 4 / 5G Data Sim only Price list

Download / view Konnect Satellite Domestic Price List

Download / view WAG Grant Form

Download / view advisory usage notes

Download / view explanation of Fair Use Policy (FUP)

Download / View T&C's inc FUP & complaints procedure