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 About the service:-

Q:- Can i get it...???
A:- YES. So long as you don't live in a cave and can see the sky or within range of a mast it WILL work.

Q:- How reliable is it...???
A:- Extremely. A cloud burst directly over the dish will probably have an effect though.

Q:- Are the speeds quoted close to what i will get...???
A:- Yes. At peak times though contention may offer a slower connection speed

Q:- What is the difference between speed and bandwidth...???
A:- Speed is the speed at which data down or uploads. Bandwidth is the amount of data.

Q:- What speed can i get...???
A:- Anything up to 140 mb on 4G and between 2 and 30 mb and hopefully 50mb before the end of the year on satellite.

Q:- What is latency... ???
A:- There is little or no latency on 4G or Wisp however latency on satellite is the short lag between selecting a website on your computer and the distance the signal has to travel to the satellite. It's an 88k mile round trip

Q:- How does latency affect me...???
A:- It will only on satellite and unless running a VPN, it doesn't. Straight RDP will work however.

Q:- What's a VPN and RDP...???
A:- Rest assured that if you have to ask you haven't got or use them.

Q:- What doesn't work on a satellite broadband system...???
A:- Apart from a VPN and FPS games everything else works perfectly.

Q:- Can I see it working before I subscribe...???
A:- Yes. We have a demonstration system available at our workshop/offices in Denbigh.

Q:- Can I hire a system for an event, festival, trip to the moon etc:-
A:- YES. This we can do on a day, week, month basis.

About the Welsh Assembly grant:-

Q:- What does it cover...???
A:- There are 2 grants. A £400 grant is available if subscribing to a 20 mb download system and a £800 is available if subscribing to a 30 mb + system. 

Q:- Will I qualify...?
A:- If living or you run a business in Wales and are getting less than 10 mb = YES

Q:- Do I have to pay up front and then claim it back from the WAG...???
A:- NO. The grant will be agreed in advance and we will be paid by the WAG for which ever grant you subscribe to and only after the installation is completed

Q:- Grants are such a pain to complete. Any chance of some help...???
A:- Of course. It will take us about 5 minutes.

Q:- How long do the WAG take to process the application...???
A:- Typically about 2-3 weeks. We can install within 24/48 hours of that though.

Q:- OK... What's the catch...???
A:- I promise you, there isn't one. We will supply you with the WAG grant form. You will only be responsible for the on-going monthly service charge to the supplier and with 4G that is typically around £26 per month.

Q:- Err, i'm still not convinced...???
A:- OK... I give up... Pay for it then...!!!